Updated:á 27 May 2019


Scheduled classes

Classes are often scheduled at the Valley Forge Bridge Club.á Check the Club website (www.vfbridge.com) for current list of scheduled classes.


Individual lessons

Select specific topics to learn, or have your game evaluated and learn fine points of the game that need strengthening; receive individual instruction in person or on-line (Bridge Base Online); or play at your local club and learn as you play.á Click here for more information...



Private Groups

Collect your group and learn together; bid, play, and analyze prepared hands to improve your overall game.á Click here for more information...



Play-to-learn (duplicate / tournament)

Compete at ACBL-sanctioned events; club games, sectional, regional, or national tournaments; play against players of your own skill level or against top players.á Start with a personalized evaluation.á Click here for more information...


Team Coaching

Engage a Coach for your team;á receive lessons tailored to your team's needs.á Click here for more information...


Contact Dave for more informationů