David L. LeGrow





      Cell:                        484-433-0098

   E-Mail:                    d_legrow@att.net

   Website:                  www.davelegrow.com


ACBL History:



       Sapphire Life Master.  Originally joined ACBL approximately 1965 while at University of Maine;  played in Maine and Massachusetts until moving to Pennsylvania in 1972.  Inactive from approximately 1981 through 2002.  Rejoined ACBL in 2002 in District 4, Unit 141 (Pennsylvania).  Located in Greenville SC from September 2007 through 2008.  Played in over a dozen NABCs and countless Regionals.


   Club Ownership

       Founder and former owner of the Valley Forge Bridge Club (now the King of Prussia Bridge Club), King of Prussia PA.


   Directing and Teaching

       Certified club director and ACBL Assistant Tournament Director.  Has taught bridge intermittently since late 1970s.  Currently teaching various courses on a regular basis at the King of Prussia Bridge Club.  Conducts individual classes and group seminars upon request.  Author of numerous whitepapers for I/N players.


   Management and Miscellaneous

       Established the Valley Forge Bridge Club, located in King of Prussia PA (2016).     


       Member of the North Penn Bridge Club Board of Governors (2007, 2009-2011, 2014-2015; Board President 2010-2011); former member of Unit 141 (Greater Philadelphia) Board of Governors.


       Founder of  Bridge Club Management LLC, whose charter is to provide directing, educational, and management services to new and existing bridge clubs.