Team Coaching



There are a number of optional services that a Coach can perform for a team. 


Supervised Play


The Coach can supervise play amongst team members;  during this time, the Coach will assist with bidding problems, declarer play problems, and defensive play problems.  The Coach will observe overall play with the intent to utilize information gained in subsequent Needs Analysis.


Needs Analysis


The Coach can use observations from supervised play, detailed inspection of key results, and feedback from the Co-ordinator and the team captains to make recommendations regarding specific areas to target for overall team improvement.  This information is reviewed with the Co-ordinator and the Team Captains.


Group Lessons


The Coach can conduct group lessons on topics selected by the Co-ordinator or the Team Captains.  These lessons are usually about two hours in duration, and are expected to be of general interest to a majority of the members of the team.


Team Formulation


The Coach can assist in the matching of individuals and pairs to form the strongest team lineup.  Partnerships and teams are often formed sub-optimally, based on factors other than bidding style, aggressiveness, and general philosophy.  The Coach can make recommendations to the Co-ordinator regarding these matters.





The Business End...


Customarily, the Coach will be retained on a contractual basis, with fees dependent upon the type(s) and frequency of services required.


Call (484-433-0098) or e-mail ( to discuss or to obtain a spreadsheet for estimating coaching costs.