White Papers



The attached white papers were written in response to requests

for discussions on various topics.  They are presented here for

your consideration.


If there is a topic upon which you have a question and which might make a good subject for a paper, please e-mail me at d_legrow@att.net



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High-Low Overcalls


Lebensohl De-Mystified


Directional Inverted Minors


Four-Way Transfers Over 1NT


Help! My 1NT Overcall Just Got Doubled for Penalty!


Dealing with the Opponents' Strong Club or Weak Notrump Openers


Managing Your Convention Card


Weak or Strong Jump Shifts?


How Can I Win Gold Points?


Stopping Legal Abuse at the Table


Developing a Bidding Philosophy


Overcalls and Takeout Doubles


When Partners Overcall...


Dealing with Partner's Penalty Doubles


Support Doubles




The Dilemma When Partner Bids Strongly (and Lebensohl)


Responding to 1NT Overcalls




Treatment of Inverted Minor Raises


Fourth-Suit Forcing


Roman KeyCard Blackwood (RKCB) and Variations


Splinters Over 1NT Openers


The Philosophy and Implementation of Game Tries


The Most Common (and Dangerous) Bidding Errors


Breaks in Tempo


Knockout Strategy


Things to Discuss with Partner (Before Starting Play)


Dirigo (Transfer Overcall System)